Aome, age 23 (left) and middle-aged Aome (right), by Karl Mokross.

Aome (pronounced "ay-oh-mee") was among the first generation born beneath a green sky. She left her home in Hiawatha at a young age, applying her natural talents as a thief on the streets of Alpine.

Her first appearance was in "New Possibilities" where she was recruited by Chuchi Bergman to participate in a strike against the Coal Syndicate.

Her next appearance was in "Ms. Butler" seven years later. In the interim, Aome allied herself with a crew of nomads under the leadership of inventor genius Liz Butler.

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They were road pirates in possession of an antique eighteen wheeler retrofitted with sols and weapons. During this time, Aome led an adventurous life, chasing down treasures like phosphates and clays, granite, coil materiel, untreated paper, history books and other relics from the old world with her comrades. They made their living by trading these things to "brokers" like Wu, merchants always ready to trade cash for artifacts.

Aome's team frequently crossed paths with the coal syndicate and other ne'er-do-wells. They were no stranger to combat and won many battles thanks to the weapons expertise of crew-member Char and machinations of their strategist, Etsuko.

Aome is next scheduled to appear in "The Paper Score."

She is of no relation to The Lee Family.