Oakwood Anthology was born in 2005 in the spirit of collaboration. The writer Bryan DeWitt was looking for an artist to illustrate his script: "Thirsty." After placing an ad on craigslist in Richmond, he soon got a response from Tea Seroya in Indonesia. After the two decided to work together remotely, Bryan started placing ads on the craigslists for major cities across the globe and repeated the pattern he and Tea had established.

Before long, an international team of artists were working together to create the comic book pages, concept art and character sketches of Oakwood Anthology's first issue. Below is a list of contributors thus far:

Name Location Contribution(s)
Tea Seroya Indonesia Oakwood: Thirsty
Wes Allen USA Oakwood: Paper Airplanes
Cristina Duy Lopez Italy Oakwood: Oil's Well That Ends Well
Kel Winser UK Oakwood: Shuttle Run

Oakwood: Paper Airpanes (Color)

Ciro Berliac Argentina Oakwood: Blackout
Pawel Gierczak Poland Oakwood: Toyfel #1
Julius D. Tabiolo Phillipines Oakwood: Gene and Ali
Karl Mokross Brazil Oakwood: New Possibilities

Oakwood: Ms. Butler

Jed Collins USA Oakwood: RVK #1
Luke Smith USA Oakwood: Urban Decay
Toni Ivashkov USA Concept Art for G-Day
Ashley Stanners Canada Character Concept Art
Zeynep Copur Russia Concept Art for "Everyone Has Lost the Way"
Todd Robert Bernardy II USA Oakwood: Explosion!
Spencer Scheetz USA Character Concept Art
Dany Gehshan Canada Character Concept Art
Chimo Chan Canada Character Concept Art
Tomasz Nerko ??? Character Concept Art
Luis Valente Portugal Character Concept Art
Marcos Palacious ??? Cover Art for "Oakwood Anthology #1"