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In the Green Sky Era, Alpine became the seat of technological advancement and a true city of the future.  The architects of Thayer Corp let their imaginations run wild during the city’s construction, thinking up literally an entire city's worth of unique, eco-friendly buildings which would ensure the most efficient use of resources among the residents and capitalize on those given by nature.  Building materials of all kinds were plentiful, easily gleaned from the abandoned cities near the coast.  

The Oakwood Wiki invites all architects and artists to lend a hand in helping the city of Alpine come to life.  Please submit your sketches or blueprints for an Alpine building today.  There are very few limits at this time on what is acceptable, as long as buildings fall within the parameters of being forward thinking and eco-efficient.  Small personal residences are a great place to start and always accepted. You can send your designs here. For story purposes, please include any sort of specialty materials needed for construction of your particular structure.  

At the moment, there are contest calls out for Alpine Block 1’s Public Library and the Alpine City Logo.  

Before beginning, you may consult the work pioneered by Karl Mokross and note the style of the buildings thus far.  Especially check out those futuristic street lamps. Good luck!