Char's practical side often clashes with Aome's hot-headedness.

Char has vivid memories of the chaos that followed G-Day. Shortly after the explosion, she and her family were displaced when Minneapolis descended into creep-induced anarchy.

Some time later, she ended up working with the crew of The Cartwright and became Aome's weapons expert. Of all the members on the team, Char's history is the most shrouded in secrecy. Even her last name is a mystery.

Although a fierce warrior, Char is soft-spoken and level-headed. She is a balancing force, providing a rational counterpoint to Aome's often impulsive leadership. These two have a close friendship. It's implied that they have known each other for a long time and are likely the oldest friends among the crew of the Cartwright.

Her close friends have often expressed their belief that she may be psychic but Char insists that her "clairvoyance" is only the result of her above-average ability to empathize with others.