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In late 2012, Emerson Palmer led a state-wide prison revolt in Arizona.  The liberated inmates overthrew the state government and Palmer assumed control.  A battle between the National Guard and Palmer’s inmate army ensued.  The inmates overwhelmed the guard and claimed victory.  The second wave of resistance came from the citizens of Arizona who rallied to the capital.  From the court house steps, Palmer employed his famous rhetoric and presented his ideas to the people.  He proposed succession from the Union and read to the people the details of the new state charter which he had written while in prison.  Many of the citizens of Arizona were already dissatisfied with the way which they were being governed and elected to listen to him rather than attack.  In an unexpected turn of events, Palmer won over the people. They declared their independence from the United States and the new nation-state of Arizona was born.  Although it officially retained the name Arizona, the mainstream media began referring to Palmer’s territory as “the Convict State.”

Despite the people’s acceptance of their new government and the peace that had been achieved, the Federal government planned to restore Arizona to the Union. Before the inevitable clash with Palmer’s forces occurred, however, the National Fuel Reserve exploded and the spread of the creep upset the social order.    

Under Palmer’s leadership, Arizona weathered the anarchy caused by the creep better than most other regions.  During the challenging years that would follow, the Convict State was far and away the best place to live.  Under Palmer’s new state charter, Arizona, specifically the new capital of Scottsdale, lived in peace and harmony.

The so-called “Golden Age of Scottsdale” lasted from Palmer's rise to power to his assassination.  The rules that Palmer and his regime set for society were immensely successful and it seemed that Arizona would be the shining beacon of civilization beneath the new green sky.  

Sadly, this came to an end following the Kiii’s rise to power.  The new governor was influenced more by the desire for power and control than his predecessor. The Kiii eliminated much of Palmer’s staff. He let many of the imperatives that Palmer had put forth fall by the wayside.  Arizona started a slow slide back into mediocrity and was headed for destitution.  The utopian society that Palmer had intended as his legacy was corrupted and vanished forever.  

As crime rates rose, the Kiii allied with Remi Caution to form the Scottsdale Extreme League, a gladiatorial combat organization which captured the population’s attention and unified them through popular entertainment similar to ancient Rome.  Order was maintained and the Convict State remained one of the finer places to live in the green sky era.