Diane's compassion and respect for the truth make her job difficult from time to time.

Diane Robertson is a famous news anchor on Channel 2. Although her given name is Diane, she is known to the public as "Betty" because demographic studies in her region showed that audiences preferred the sound of "B" to "D."

She hosted the Channel 2 Evening News for several years along with her cohost, Bob Brunswick. Despite her occasional tirades to her boss about the program's writing which she viewed to be callous and disrespectful, she maintained a high level of job security until the day she violated the sacred rule of broadcasting: never contradict the teleprompter. It was the moment that everyone remembered her for. It was shortly after G-Day when she reported the famous words regarding the creep: "It's spreading." The panic that followed led to the quick dismemberment of all public broadcasting, giving Diane the honor of being one of the final talking heads of all civilization under a blue sky.

Diane/Betty first appears in "Oakwood: Oil's Well That Ends Well."