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When did Oakwood begin? Edit

The project began in 2005. Craiglist ads placed in major cities attracted a team of artists who were paid to illustrate Oakwood Anthology Volume 1, released in 2009. The 200 page volume sold out and also exhausted the staff's wallet. Since then, we have been looking for a way to get the project off the ground again. That brings us to today's current setup which is a combination of this wiki, the Patreon account and the social media campaign.

How do I draw or write for Oakwood? Edit

Artists are encouraged to browse the paid jobs, create pro bono artwork or participate in the ongoing contests. When the funding is available, established artists will be invited to illustrate further chapters of Oakwood Anthology. Writers can take part in the seasonal writing contest and have their works included in Oakwood Omnibus even if they do not get first prize. Top writers will be invited to create their own chapter for Oakwood Anthology. They'll be paired with an artist and then begin production.

How does story voting work? Edit

The voting page displays the current story threads up for continuation in Oakwood Anthology. Depending on the budget for the current growth cycle, only a certain amount of these stories will continue to grow. That's where voting comes in. Contributors to the project (via art creation, patreon contribution or social media promotion) are given votes and a unique Oakwood ID. These votes can be distributed among all desired storylines eligible for growth. They may be distributed, placed all on one storyline, or saved for later. Each dollar contributed to Patreon, tweet or Facebook share earns one story vote. Accepted pro bono artwork earns from 5 to 10 story votes and contest winners receive 25 votes. Votes may be also be used to support original story ideas. Here's more info on the process.

What's the difference between Oakwood Anthology and Oakwood Omnibus? Edit

Oakwood Anthology is a comic book series. The upcoming chapters are the highest paying of all the jobs to be found here. The current rate is $50/page so artists will make $600 - $1600 depending on length of the chapter. This rate will increase as the project gathers funding. Oakwood Omnibus is a collection of fiction written by participants in the seasonal writing contest. All qualified works submitted during the contest are included in the yearly publication. The job of Oakwood Omnibus is to tell small stories that add depth to the ever expanding universe. The most compelling storylines and characters created for Oakwood Omnibus are likely to one day appear in the illustrated pages of Oakwood Anthology.

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