Frank during the blackout. Can't even use his blender. By Wes Allen. Colored by Kel Winser.

Franklin Mills, most often called “Frank,” is an ex-marine who followed a career in the corporate sector after retirement.  He is married and has a son named Frank Jr. who also joined the marines.  Frank’s first appearance is in “Oakwood: Paper Airplanes,” which takes place directly after the RVK’s destruction of the LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant.  As the story opens, Frank’s office has been closed for the last few days and he is concerned with the amount of work that has most certainly stockpiled.  

He has been through a hellish three days since the blackout began but his luck changes when he gets a letter from Frank Jr. informing him that he has a grandchild on the way.  Just after receiving the news, the power comes back on. Frank cheerfully asks his wife to bring him his pants and then heads back to the office.

His next appearance will be in “Oakwood: Paper Airplanes 2” (working title). In this chapter, his boss Alfonso tells him that he will need to work overtime to compensate for all the stagnation that has occurred since the blackout.  Frank is not happy but he is a diligent worker so he gets into the task.  He tells his wife he will be staying at work until the job is done.  He goes into extreme isolation and is therefore unaware of the explosion in Rosepetal as it occurs.  He just keeps working.  It is only when the creep catches him that he is forced to abandon his work and return to the outside world. Frank emerges from his work cocoon to discover that the world is in total chaos and his wife is not at home.  Fearing the worst, Frank sets off on a quest to find her.


Looking for a picture of angry Frank "The Brown Recluse" Mills beating down his opponent here.

Frank next appears much later in “Oakwood: Karoshi.”  He is now a combatant in one of Remi Caution’s early Scottsdale street fights.  Having dusted off his old marine combat skills, he spends much of the chapter pummeling his opponent while informing the reader how little he cares about the stage-name and flashy showmanship that Remi surrounds him with.  He speculates that he is Remi’s favorite fighter but also displays apathy toward the fact.  He only cares about one thing and that’s working hard.  He used to work in an office.  Now he works in the ring. The fate of his wife is currently unknown.

Frank eventually finds himself in Scottsdale Arena.