The Explosion Edit


Enrichment Tier 2 collapsed at 4:08 PM EST. By Matt Ragen.

"G-Day" is a phrase retroactively applied to December 20th, 2012, the day the National Fuel Reserve exploded after the collapse of Enrichment Tier 2. Its meaning has been interpreted many ways but the most commonly accepted definitions are "Gas Day" or "Green Day." The explosion at 4:08 PM Eastern Time began a chemical reaction between the quantum enriched petroleum in Reservoir City and the atmosphere. As a result of this reaction, the sky would turn from blue to green as the fuel "burned" over the next several months.

The impact of this day on mankind was drastic. The green sky brought vast changes to both the environment and the popular psyche. G-Day marked the beginning of a host of troubles, some of which plagued humanity for decades.

The Aftermath Edit

The first and most immediate result of the explosion was a months-long wave of mass hysteria caused by the Quantum Realignment Phenomenon, (QRP), popularly known as the creep. When the quarantine failed, an extended period of anarchy ensued. Normal function of society ceased immediately and all systems of government were suspended. By the time a new balance was achieved, society was forever altered. Due to the massive affects creep had on civilization, G-Day is also sometimes referred to as C-Day.

Artistic rendering of G-Day. By Todd Robert Bernardy II.

After the creep, there was an isolated period of silent recovery and adaptation to the new climate. Although many communities had been cut off by the societal reset, the skeleton of the old world provided organizational apparatus not yet afforded a generation of man free of a dogmatic oppression of centuries old traditions.

The sleeping body of the internet still held life. Old structures and machinery were easily re-purposed and the budget of the nation, no longer tied to the Oil Wars, was applied to research and innovation. Thousands united to combat the expected repercussions of the atmosphere's color shift to green. Because the green sky absorbed less of the sun's radiation than the old blue, temperatures rose immediately. Oceans rose and brought trouble with them.

It became clear that continued use of fossil fuels under the new sky spelled utter annihilation. Developing a clean energy infrastructure became urgently important. Success in this endeavor rested largely on the shoulders of Thayer-Thayer Corporation. Their varied applications of the heralded Dr. William Isaac's research played a critical role during this tenuous time. Chief among these was the creation and implementation of organically grown solar panels.