Gene talks to his supervisor, Honcho, while fixing a solar panel. By Julius Tabiolo.

Gene Waterman (born 2010) is an employee of the Thayer-Thayer Corporation and works at the solar panel fields in Hiawatha. He is one of the most diligent hydration technicians in the field and his supervisors like him because of his work ethic. Gene is one of the only young males working in the fields which he finds both a blessing and a curse. The extra attention he receives from the women working there (especially Colby Feliciano) are occasionally a stress on his relationship with his girlfriend, Ali Rugosa.

Gene first appears in "Oakwood: Gene and Ali," in which Ali discovers she is pregnant with a boy. Her examining physician Dr. Swan is required by law to report the unregistered male pregnancy to her superiors. Thus, Gene becomes a wanted man, hunted by Y Control as a confirmed carrier of a steady Y Chromosome. If apprehended, Gene will be drafted into the Repopulation program and treated like livestock for the rest of his adult life.

Driving an antique automobile which had remained hidden for decades, Gene and Ali fled into the desert, headed for the ruins of Petropolis where they planned to hide from Y Control. Before reaching their destination, however, they are set upon by the Cartwright and her crew.

Aome first assumes that Gene and Ali are coalers because they are driving a fossil. She holds Ali at gunpoint with intent to kill but her finger stalls on the trigger when she notices Ali's pregnancy. Etsuko correctly deduces that Gene may be a carrier and therefore worth a lot of money. As Y Control approaches, Aome and Liz decide to bring Gene and Ali on board as prisoners.