The high-tech military-issued invisibility gear makes General Stone sneeze.

General Clifford Gulo Stone was a decorated hero from the Oil Wars who held a chief advisory position during G-Day and the period after. His friend Dr. William Isaac described him as "the only true hero in the whole [expletive removed] army.  He respects rank and protocol but doesn't let it get in the way of the job. Says what's on his mind and has the good of the citizens at heart." Worthy of mention is that Stone was a General in the Marine Corp, not the Army.

Stone was in his 50s when G-Day occurred and he was the one in charge of quarantining the "biological metatoxin." After the quarantine failed, he was publicly decried and his reputation was tarnished. Although this pleased those at the top whom he had been a constant ruffler of feathers, it was essentially for naught as society would soon collapse into anarchy and scarcely anyone would remember General Stone's "failure."

General Stone appears briefly in Escape from Petropolis along side Gamma Squad as well as in his own story: "Oakwood: All I've Seen," in which he is a very old man reflecting on his life.