A panicked woman tries to revive a victim of heat stroke.

In the harsh conditions of the Green Sky Era, there was no shortage of hardships. The extreme heat was the root cause of many of them. The new climate led to runaway flora which constantly battled humanity to reclaim the land. Massive thunderstorms were frequent. The icecaps melted into the sea at an accelerated pace.

From the moment hysteria over the creep subsided, a noticeable rise in temperature was obvious. Over the following decades, it only got worse. The population was devastated by the heat.

Although people inside the major hubs of civilization were relatively free from mosquito plague, tainted water and widespread poverty, there was virtually no escape from the high temperatures and heat stroke remained a danger to everyone. An ever-present looming menace, heat stroke claimed many with its insidious and unexpected appearance. What started as mere exhaustion could turn life threatening very quickly if resting body temperature reached a certain threshold.  

In addition to hurricanes and tornadoes, the heat also generated massive thunderstorms which, although destructive, thankfully kept people from drying up. However, due to regional acid rain clouds (produced by Coal Syndicate operations) and water contamination, rain water was never safe unless it had undergone purification.