RVK's famous attack on LaSalle.

“Blackout!” takes place on December 2nd, 2012 immediately following RVK’s destruction of LaSalle Nuclear Power Station.  It follows Patrick Edgar, a taxi driver in Chicago who is transporting a fare named Oscar at the time of the attack.  

As all the power in the city goes out, Patrick and Oscar witness the outbreak of severe looting and panic.  In a panic, Oscar realizes he doesn’t have any groceries at home and begs Patrick to drive him to the Jiggly Wiggly.  When they arrive, the supermarket is a war-zone as people riotously grab items to hoard for the blackout.  Fearing his old body is too feeble to enter the fray, Oscar convinces Patrick to go into the Jiggly Wiggly to retrieve a list of items for him.  

Patrick reluctantly agrees.  Inside, he has a difficult time.  He is threatened and attacked by several different people, including one woman who gives him his trademark triple scratch after she claws him for some green beans.  In the end, Patrick manages to grab a few items and bring them to Oscar.  Oscar then asks to be driven home.

This is Patrick Edgar’s first appearance.  His next will be in “Oakwood: The Road to Petropolis.”