Teaser art featuring Kyle, RVK and Kai. (left to right) By Zeynep Copur.

"Everyone Has Lost the Way” is an upcoming chapter in Oakwood Anthology that tells the story of Kyle Slicey, RVK and the meeting of the three.

After being fired from his job, Kyle has a dream in which his father repeatedly tells him that “everyone has lost the way.” He wakes to ponder this notion.  What does it mean?  What is the way and how was it lost?  He shares the dream with his friends Richard Belfry and RVK. 

In the days ahead, the idea resonates with all three of them and, despite their unique interpretations, they decide to act. They plan to bring people back to the way by orchestrating “the meeting of the three.”

This is chronologically the earliest appearance of RVK and explores the roots of his early motivations and desire to save the human race which he perceives as lost.

A sister film called “Everyone Has Lost the Way” was produced for this chapter and marks the first time that Oakwood characters appeared on screen.  Kyle and Richard are played by Kyle Lewis and Kai Eason respectively. Kyle’s father is voiced by Ron Livingston. RVK is portrayed by Brendan Macomber.