Oakwood Explained is an upcoming series of videos. Each episode of the first season focuses on a chapter from Oakwood Anthology, explaining its greater significance in the Oakwood Universe and providing insight and trivia about the production. The first season of Oakwood Explained will be uploaded in July, 2015. Episodes include:

  • RVK #1 - Birth of a Catchphrase
  • Oil's Well That Ends Well - The Sitting Dead
  • Gene and Ali - HIAWATHA!
  • Shuttle Run - Emperson Who?
  • New Possibilities - Ecoterrorists as Heroes
  • Ms. Butler - Meet the Cartwright Crew
  • Blackout! - RVK's Psychotic Vision (Hot Pockets)
  • Paper Airplanes - A Hero in Hiding
  • Thirsty - The Launchpad
  • The Scout - What is SQ!?

The series takes its name from Rob Jefferson's YouTube channel ComicsExplained. His style of narration over comic book art completely inspired the staff to reboot the Oakwood project for 2015 and is a constant source of entertainment. Please visit his channel for a thoughtful and thorough breakdown of many comic book stories.