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Use this wiki to learn more about the Oakwood Universe and help expand it. There are tons of details on this site about the years leading up to the tsunami of 2032 and the events occurring now at Some of the terminology and dates don't line up exactly with the comic series so just consider this wiki your not-100%-canon prequel site.

ATTENTION: Lots of the jobs/contests/email addresses on this site are now defunct. It's getting cleaned up but for now please send all submissions/inquiries to

Oakwood A.D. Edit

In an alternate 21st century, Aome Lee and a team of nomadic desert pirates scavenge flooded and abandoned cities for treasure. Inside the isolated walls of Arizona (now known as the Preservation), a colliseum-esque, state-sanctioned fighting league rises from the ashes of the "failed state."

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Chuchi Bergman on the Hornet.


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