An anti-consolidation slogan graffitied on a wall in Rocktown circa 2007.

The controversy over the potential environmental hazards of Quantum Enrichment led to massive protests.  First directed nebulously at the government’s plan to push forward with the FEI, the Anti-Fuel Consolidation Movement eventually found a focal point at the construction site of the National Fuel Reserve.  Thousands of protestors flocked to the area on the outskirts of Rosepetal and assumed residence.  The sprawling tent city soon drew corporations who realized the value of selling essential goods to the protestors.  Small shops preceded more permanent residences.  Within a few months, a full-on community had been established with the National Fuel Reserve at it’s epicenter.  Given it's position directly atop the massive underground reservoir of amassed petroleum, this township was officially known as Reservoir City and unofficially known as Petropolis.