RVK waves his fife triumphantly. By Ciro Berliac.

The RVK is a famous wrestler in the Scottsdale Extreme League. His special move is "the Chinnihilator." The wears a tri-cornered hat and is known to brandish a fife while yelling his catch phrase. "NNNNNZAP!"

Biography Edit

During college, the RVK was influenced heavily by his friend Kyle, who learned in a dream that "everyone had lost the way." To RVK, this echoed his growing suspicion that humanity was dooming itself.

His first appearance was in "RVK #1." After these events, RVK becomes convinced that electricity is the burden of humanity. Partially out of youthful mischievousness but mostly because of his "revolutionary duties," RVK set about sabotaging local transformers, creating blackouts in his native Rocktown.

Before long, the police started to catch on to him. Before they could capture him, RVK fled to Williamsburg, Virginia where "RVK #2" occurs. It is in this issue that he acquires his signature tri-cornered hat and his first fife.

RVK next appears December 2nd, 2012 where he claims full responsibility for the destruction of the LaSalle Nuclear Power Station in Illinois. Using insiders at the plant to carry out this attack, RVK's actions are orchestrated for minimal human loss and zero nuclear consequences. His plan is a success. Chicago and the outlying regions are plunged into blackout and RVK relishes in his achievement, albeit in the custody of police. As he is taken in, he yells into the video cameras, claiming that he has "opened the eyes" of the people of Chicago.

By the time the National Fuel Reserve explodes only three weeks later, RVK has once again escaped incarceration. The details of this escape are currently unknown but Police Chief Healy described the situation as "incredibly frustrating."

Due to his involvement in the LaSalle attack, he is immediately suspect number one for the explosion in Rosepetal. In response to the accusation, he issues the statement via YouTube: "I didn't do it but I wish I had." RVK is later cleared of suspicion when the disaster is ruled an accident.


RVK slams an opponent into the arena wall in a Scottsdale deathmatch.

RVK's whereabouts and activities during the following period of anarchy and the spread of the creep are unknown. It is assumed that he traveled to Arizona to seek amnesty in the newly independent nation-state.

In the following years, RVK rose to glory as a combatant in the Scottsdale Extreme League. His characteristic fife and tri-cornered hat combined with his combat prowess, lengthy win record and signature move: "The Chinihilator" made him into a living legend.