The famous Thayer logo printed on Gorp Thunket's horse cleanup bin.


Thayer supply trucks are the lifeblood of society.

Thayer-Thayer Corp ("Thayer" for short) is a megacompany with its origins in the old world. With vast resources and blessed as the only huge company to survive the creep, Thayer adopted the role of savior in the new world. It was Thayer that galvanized the world's scientist to solve the energy crises after G-Day. It was Thayer that funded Y Control when humanity faced extinction from the insidious lingering vestige of the creep, Fragile Y Syndrome. It was Thayer that transformed Alpine from a small township first into a haven for climate refugees and then into the capital city of the post-creep United States. Thayer manages the algae ponds in El Cielo. Thayer runs the solar panel fields in Hiawatha. Thayer leaves the independent nation-state of Arizona to its own devices.

The influence of this company on life in the Green Sky Era was ever-present. Nearly every man, woman and child (not including Scottsdale residents) worked in their employ and everything from household goods to important medical supplies were created in their factories. Thayer worked actively to restore the infrastructure of the old world, clean the water supply and rebuild humanity.

Thayer-Thayer Corp also had the honor of maintaining the nation's fisheries, the primary food source for just about everyone - that is, everyone except for the citizens of the Convict State.