The Cartwright's solar sail allows for sustained travel across large areas of the desert.

The Cartwright is a desert-fairing vessel designed and captained by Liz Butler. Using an antique eighteen wheeler as the base for her design, she set about crafting a vehicle which would be energy efficient yet more powerful than its flimsier Thayer Corp contemporaries.

It is unknown how she procured materials to build The Cartwright or the heavy machine guns which serve as its defense; however, it's suspected the notorious thief Aome Lee had a hand in acquiring the necessary items.

The Cartwright made its first appearance in "Ms. Butler" where a skirmish with a coaler drone ended with favorable results. Following the disabling of the remote controlled unit, Aome and Liz decided to steal its single ion dispersion cannon (or "sipdy") and mount it on The Cartwright.


Working design of The Cartwright sketched by Liz.

Liz estimates The Cartwright could comfortably accommodate a crew of ten if they had enough food and water. Its custom-made coil battery yielded a huge amount of kWh even before Liz's successful test of the first Promethean Engine, which she later installed on The Cartwright.

Initially, Liz conceptualized a more elaborate design for The Cartwright. She imagined a much larger solar sail and more spacious design for the trailer; however, limited resources forced her to simplify her original design.