The Lee Family loves a good barbecue. By Dob Yordanov.

Henry Lee decided not to go to work that day.  He stayed at home with the family, hanging out on the porch. Later they had a barbecue in the back yard.  Over all, they thought it was a pretty fun day and were really surprised when it took such a sudden turn at 4:08 when the Fuel Reserve exploded.  Just outright surprising.   

A quick inspection showed that Enrichment Tier 2 had collapsed.  That was clear to see, subject to no controversy or cry of "foul play" from dissident government officials or the suspicious public.  It was straight misfortune, through and through.  Everyone could sympathize because everyone held respect for it.  They'd all been there and knew they would be again.  

What came after the collapse was the real surprise, moving past the unspeakable horror of that weird smoke and how it slowly blended with the sky over the next several months.  Surprising and awful preceded surprising and mildly pleasant when the creep stopped and the sky had turned green.  Civilization changed under the new sky.   For many, it represented a new beginning. There was an initial groundswell of hope and a rapid blossoming of innovation and harmony. But the hands of time like to punch. The brief respite fate granted humanity ended, replaced with numerous new challenges as the full affects of a green atmosphere became known.

StormsHeat.  These are the two best words to summarize the period of time between 2015 up until history is lost to the final storm around 2060.  If pressed to extend the list, one could easily include: malaria, stroke, and water shortage in the catalog of major problems that surfaced after Earth traded her blue skies for green