The Tourist in 2016, by Luke Smith.

The Tourist (born 1986) is a native of Los Angeles, first seen in "Oakwood: Urban Decay," and one of the major combatants in the Scottsdale Extreme League. His introductory dialogue in "Urban Decay" is a description of the state of L.A. following the devastating earthquake which occurred when the Puente Hills Fault ruptured. In nightmarish surroundings with rampant criminal activity and drug abuse, Tourist became a vigilante, although he would not consider himself such. "In a lawless world, there's no such thing as a vigilante."

The Tourist considers life in the 21st century to be a "bad vacation." As such, he does not feel remorse about the people that he kills, claiming they'll be better off after he "sends them home." His attitude was divisive among his contemporaries. The RVK respected Tourist's opinion although elected not to do things the same way. The Raincoat once called the Tourist "detached, totally sociopathic."

The Tourist employs a special weapon called "the last resort," a jagged piece of scrap metal that became lodged in his shoe during the earthquake and severed his pinky toe. The shape of the metal is such that simply looking at it inspires an unknown, primal fear in anyone who sees it.

At the end of "Urban Decay," Tourist is seen boarding a train to Scottsdale, Arizona. It is implied that he has some connection to Inessa, a feral child bought by a scientific organization in Scottsdale for study. His next appearance will be in "Oakwood: Inessa."