Toyfel was created by Pawel Gierczak.


The Scottsdale Savage in 2054.

As a young man, Toyfel grew up frequenting the Scottsdale Arena to cheer on his favorite combatant, the RVK.  His fandom would graduate to full blown obsession with the RVK’s philosophy and fighting style throughout the course of his adolescence.  

Before RVK mysteriously disappeared from Scottsdale, he had instilled in Toyfel an unstoppable instinct to improve the system and fight injustice in all forms.  

Toyfel decided to fill the void the RVK left.  He took to the street to fight injustice in his own way.  Toyfel soon realized, however, that corruption and greed saturated levels society he could not yet access.  He left his hometown to search for the man whose help he needed most: RVK.

In time, Toyfel succeeded in locating the RVK, who admitted that Toyfel’s actions in Scottsdale had caught his ear, inspiring him to improve himself and reclaim his former vision of a better world.  

Later, Toyfel (aka the Scottsdale Savage) and the Revolutionary Kid (now calling himself the Revolutionary Man) returned to Scottsdale and renewed their pledge to battle injustice.