Oakwood's growth is dependent upon its supporters. Contributors to the Patreon campaign, artists and other marketing assistants are granted votes during each growth period (ideally every month). By voting here - they can cast these votes for storyline branches below and actively help the story take shape.

Below is a list of chapters which are up next for development. Some of them have more advanced explanations here. Please email the staff with your Oakwood ID and the distribution of your votes. The deadline for this period is October 1st, when production on the selected chapters will begin. The number of chapters that begin production is dependent on the funding; however, there will definitely be at least one new chapter produced this period so cast your vote today. For more information about how to get votes, go here. For current voting results, check this page.

Title Summary Year CHAP ID
Gorp Thunket A day in the life of a field maintenance worker. 2035 GORP
The Paper Score The Cartwright Crew goes after a huge payoff. 2037 PAPER
Stranded! Tape 500 goes missing after the glacial break. 2022 STRANDED
The Road to Petropolis Patrick Edgar grudgingly drives his ex to the protests. 2012 ROAD
Everyone Has Lost the Way RVK, Kyle and Richard instigate "the meeting of the three." 2007 THEWAY
Paper Airplanes 2 Tentatively titled story of Frank after "Paper Airplanes." 2012 PA2
Karoshi Frank on the mean streets of Scottsdale. 2015 KAROSHI
Inessa Tourist goes to free a prisoner of Western science. 2016 INESSA
All I've Seen General Stone reflects on his life as it nears its end. 205X STONE
RVK #2 The law closes in on RVK. 200X RVK2
The Promethean Engine Liz Butler makes history. 203X PROM
Hungry Rio and the survivor battle it out on the plains. 000 HUNGRY
WILDCARD Submit your own ideas for a storyline ? WILD

To vote, simply email the staff with your Oakwood ID in the subject line and the Chapter ID followed by amount of votes: For example, your subject line might look like: "BRYAN01 PAPER 2 GORP 1 STONE 1"

For a WILDCARD submission, include your idea for a chapter in the body of the message.