Early-issue Y Control propaganda.

Y Control is the quasi-governmental organization created to bring the birth rate ratio of males to females back into balance after humanity suffered the effects of Fragile Y Syndrome.

After developing a viable plan for success, Y Control Clinics were established to systematically screen pregnant females. Upon identifying pregnant women of specific genetic disposition, the sex of their fetus was changed from female to male through scientific manipulation.

After a short time, it was discovered that artificially created males were unlikely to retain the Y Chromosome. Y Control's operations expanded to include a secondary goal: locate and employ the few men who could still naturally conceive male children. These men (called carriers) were crucial to humanity's survival.

If an unregistered male pregnancy is discovered by a physician, it was required by law that both the father be reported to Y Control and assigned to the Repopulation Initiative. Y Control's methods were often called into debate due to their apparent disregard for the human rights of those they "drafted" into their employ.